Black History Month February 2022

Wed, 01/26/2022 - 3:28pm

Black History Month February 2022 

Since 1976, February has been designated as an annual celebratory month to highlight the central role that African Americans have played, and continue to play, in U.S. History. Waterloo will be recognizing the impacts of African American history in a variety of ways throughout February. 

• "Person of the Day" recognition announcements (Similar to the awareness promoted at Waterloo during Hispanic and Native American Heritage Months) 
• Classroom Resources/Activities 
• My Inspired Journey: Essay Contest or illustration/Caption Contest (Grades K-5) 

We have also provided students and families with a collection of developmentally appropriate resources to allow for further exploration of African American History. The following resources have been provided on our Waterloo website for your use. 

• Interactive calendar ("Person of the Day" with links to biographies, short videos, and read-alouds) 
List of children's books 
Discussion questions 
Ideas for further exploration
• Biographical activities (K-3/4-5)
• My Inspired Journey Contest: Essay or Illustration/Caption guidelines (K-5) 
My Inspired Journey Cover Sheet
• My Inspired Journey Entry Form

We encourage you to explore these resources and get involved in our essay and/or poster contests throughout the month of February! 
Thank you for your ongoing support.