Welcome to Waterloo! New Student Registration Information

Thu, 08/20/2020 - 3:53pm

Welcome new Waterloo familes!

Please begin your registration process online below and upload the required documents:

HCPSS Online registration directions

HCPSS Online registration link

In order to be prepared, here are the necessary documents: 

  • parent picture ID
  • a signed original lease or deed with signatures
  • one of the following with parent’s name and address on it –current gas and electric bill, current cable bill, or current telephone bill (land line)
  • student(s) proof of birth (birth certificate, baptismal certificate, hospital certificate, passport, or military identification)
  • proof of custody (divorce settlement papers, court papers, adoption papers)
  • student(s) current proof of immunization.

After clicking on the Begin Registration Process button above, please be sure to select the correct school year (2024-2025 for NEXT SCHOOL YEAR) in the registration portal.


Online Registration is now open to enroll NEW HCPSS 1-5 students for the 2024-2025 school year. *IF YOUR STUDENT IS ALREADY A WATERLOO STUDENT, PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE A REGISTRATION!*


Guide to Online Registration for New Students


Grades 1-5

If you would like to register your child (new students only), please complete the online registration by clicking the “Begin Online Registration” button above. While completing the online registration form, you should also upload the required documents. 

Gather Documentation

Having all your documentation prepared in advance of registration will keep the process moving quickly. If you are missing documentation, your registration will be denied.


Student Identification Documentation

  • Student’s evidence of birth (birth certificate, passport/visa, physician’s certificate, baptismal or church certification, hospital certificate, parent/s affidavit or birth registration.)
  • Proof of parental relationship, custody, or guardianship. If applicable, bring legal proof of custody (court order).
  • Any additional paperwork that may be necessary due to special living arrangements or circumstances.

Academic Documentation

  • Student’s most recent grade report, transcript, report card from last school attended at time of withdrawal.
  • Documentation of Special Education (IEP), 504, Psychological Report, or related services.

Parent Identification Documentation

  • Parent picture ID: driver’s license, passport, MVA identification or other legal form of photographic identification.
  • Signed original, current complete lease or complete deed with your address, valid dates, signatures.
  • Current utility bill with name and address (non-cellular telephone, gas and electric, cable bill issued in the last 45 days.)

Health Documentation

Please email Mrs. Karen Visco at Karen_visco@hcpss.org to finish up the registration process. If you have any questions she is happy to assist you.

Medication Information

If your student requires a medication at school for the upcoming school year, please go to the link below.  Here you will find all the information and forms that are needed for students that need medications at school.  There are links to the Epi-pen order form, Diabetes order form, and Medication order form.  Please note that the order forms must be completed by a medical provider after July 1st for the 2024-2025 school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Emily McGill, Cluster Nurse, at Emily_McGill@hcpss.org.
Learn more information here

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