Jump Rope for Heart 2018

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 3:21pm

Jump Rope for Heart 2018

You may already know that our annual Jump Rope for Heart community service event is almost here!  This is Waterloo’s 15th year participating in this event to help children who suffer from heart conditions, while at the same time keeping our heart healthy by honing our jump rope skills in physical education. We’ll kick off our campaign on February 2nd with a pep rally in the afternoon and find out about how to help and get a sneak peek of our incentive “Thank You” gifts.  This year’s prizes are called the Scare Squad and feature friendly monsters that clip onto your backpack and have names like Jax. Charger, Blaster and Disco to name a few.  You can register online by clicking this direct link and following the prompts.

NEW this year:  ANYONE WHO REGISTERS ONLINE will receive a glow in the dark Scare Squad bracelet (you don’t have to earn any money).  We are encouraging all children to gather donations online or by mobile app and are discouraging cash donations if at all possible.  Checks should be made out to:  American Heart Association

Our first incentive offering is to raise $150 before our February 2nd Pep Rally and you will receive a plush pillow JAX.  Last year we had 5 students complete this goal. 

Final packet return is no later than March 2nd but we would strongly encourage students to turn in their donations prior to March 2nd.  We’ll celebrate our heart healthy lessons in P.E. during the week of February 26th through March 2nd with all things jumping… pogo sticks, vertical jumps, hoppity-hops, double dutch, skip it’s and so much more!

Jump Rope for Heart Parent Packet English

Jump Rope for Heart Parent Packet Spanish